Oppo R15 Series- Blurring The Lines Between High-End And Budget Phones

Oppo Mobile

Oppo has become a leading name in the phone market in Asia. With its well-established and continually expanding business in some of the major Asian countries like India and China and Bangladesh, Oppo is a popular customer choice today. The company is known for making reasonably priced gadgets for the masses. But this year, it has brought in the market a new range of phones that dissolve the two categories of expensive and budget phones. Oppo is here with its R15 range comprising the Oppo R15 and the Oppo R15 Pro.

Comparision:  Processor And Storage

In its latest devices, the Asian manufacturer is bringing to the table some features from high-end phones at the prices of a mid-range device. Its main strategy, in this case, is to compromise some of the often overlooked features and add the key characteristics of flagship products. The two phones, for instance, work on mid-priced SoCs like Mediatek Helio P60 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. But they also offer you a storage capacity of 128GB alongside a 6GB RAM. So, you have the option of storing a stuffed media library in these gadgets and expand your storage as well.

Comparision:  Display And Colour

Another major compromise it makes is the display. It has a 2,280 x 1,080 resolution but comes with a superb OLED display. An OLED screen is completely acceptable even if it comes at the cost of an okay resolution. Additionally, the two phones come in beautiful gradient colors: Rogue Red, Frost White, and Nebula Purple for R15 and Infinity Black and Ruby Red for R15 Pro. It is a similar idea in the high-end phones.

Comparision:  Camera And Image

The two phones provide you with an impressive camera feature as well. R15 Pro comes with a rear camera of 20 megapixels and a 16-megapixel front camera. R15 has a 5MP and 16MP front and rear camera combination. Oppo is offering you the camera UI which is identical to that of the iPhone. The camera comes at the cost of no front-facing flash.

In another compromise versus feature instance, the phones come without a USB Type-C but offer a headset jack, micro-USB port, and a speaker too. This gives you the option to listen to music with headphones on without the Bluetooth or dongle struggles. It also compromises the waterproof body and lacks NFC capabilities. It has a biometric option for security with a rear fingerprint reader as well as the face unlock feature. Again, the Asian manufacturer has brought to you the important features of expensive brands.

Its ColourOS 5.0., based on Android Oreo, is similar to the iOS and it will suit iPhone users. Oppo has made the OS faster, easier, and customizable. With its large display screen similar to the latest iPhone X, the phone is one of the best budget phones in the market with flagship features.


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