Difference Between Symphony i10 and i10+

Symphony i10+ Price In Bangladesh

Features advanced and added in symphony i10+ from symphony i10.

Symphony i10+ Price In Bangladesh

Ideally, as its name suggests symphony i10 plus has come to increase the quality and functionality of the symphony mobile in Bangladesh. It is an advancement of symphony i10. Symphony i10 was produced in July 2016 whereas, on the other hand,  symphony i10 plus was produced in August 2017.

The phone was accepted by the majority of the people however an advancement of the same was needed.Some of the  technical differences between the two symphony mobile phones are.

Ram difference

The symphony i10 plus has a smaller Random access memory than the symphony i10 since it has 1 GB and the older version has 2gb RAM. Do not assume that the newer phone is slower. NO that is not the case, in fact, it is faster since it contains DDR3 which means it uses less power and still sends a huge number of data.The symphony mobile I10 Plus is also able to handle a variety of tasks at a go.The increment also ensures that your phone does not overheat when it is processing large chunks of data.

The Camera

Nothing much has changed in the camera except that it has an inbuilt selfie camera button, unlike the symphony i10.The other features of the camera are the same including the 8 megapixels on both the front and back camera.An inbuilt selfie button ensures that you take pictures in real time. By this I mean you save time when taking pictures since you do not have to go scrolling down for the picture icon on your phone.

Operating System

The other thing we can note with the newer phone is that it uses the android noughat v7.0 operating system which is an improvement over the latter. whereas the symphony i10 uses the version 6.0(marshmallow) which is passed a bit by time. By this, I mean that the symphony i10plus has a higher level of sensitivity and functionality.The more the increase in Android status the more the phone is swifter to commands.


The display size has also greatly improved to 5.2 inches in width making it look wonderful, in the symphony i10 the display was 5′ inch HD IPS display. the screen is wider and able to accommodate more information.

The colour collection has also been greatly added to include black and dark blue. You can choose the appropriate colour you want depending on your taste.The symphony mobile company in the latest version of symphony i10 has added to the number of colours available.


The other major difference between the two phones is their processors the symphony i10 has quad-core 1.3 GHz processor whereas the symphony i10 plus has 4*32 bit cortex A7 1.3 GHz.

Symphony Mobile Price in Bd

The other features in the two phones are very similar. Currently, symphony i10 plus price in Bangladesh is 7990Tk. Remember that price changes with time since at the time of production for the symphony i10 was the same. At the time I am writing these the price of symphony i10 is around  6990 Tk.


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